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Prime sth Interview

Prime sth out of Sweden are just about to release their debut American album this summer called "Underneath the Surface".

Prime sth Interview

Question: You are about to start your music video for the new single "I'm Stupid", Right?

NOA: Yes, we have some ideas, but we don't have anything down for sure.

Question: What was the first concert you all played together like?

NOA: It was in a cinema. We were very little then and we looked like midgets with our huge instruments.

Question: How has coming out of Sweden effected your music?

NOA: I do not really know. Sweden is not really a rock country. If anything it made us try harder and play harder to get peoples attention. Here in the US, everyone is into music, but in Sweden, they really aren't into rock n' roll.

Question: What was the decision behind getting on Giant(the record label)?

NOA: We came here(the US) to play for a few different labels, and when it came down to it, a few weeks later, Giant called us back and said, "We want you to come back here and play for us again!" They were very receptive to our music.

Question: What are your plans for touring in the future?

NOA: We are planning a small club tour around the U.S. right now. They only date we are pretty sure of is in Milwaukee with the band Survivor. It should be good though

Question: How did you come up with the title for your new CD, "Underneath the Surface"?
NOA: It came from the track on the CD. I just liked the name and I pitched it.
Question: How did you all meet?
NOA: We have been friends just about forever. We all met in I think 1st or 2nd grade in school.

Question: Who are some bands you are into? Would like to tour with?

NOA: I really like the Foo Fighters. I really didn't know a lot about American bands until I came here a while ago. So I just went out and bought a whole lot of American CD's. I really like bands like the Deftones. Those guys are great.

Question: What is the idea behind the new single, "I'm Stupid"?

NOA: It is a song about pity. I wrote it about my girlfriend. It's about trying to say you were wrong.

Question: Did you ever go out and play to other crowds in Europe besides Sweden?

NOA: Not really. We were held up by a Swedish label. We were part way through out album on this label and they were having financial problems. They held us up for a couple of years in court. We would really like to go back and do that though.

Question: What is the most memorable show you have played to date?

NOA: There were two big shows we played when we opened for Faith No More. The really funny thing that happened was that the stage broke on us.

Question: Who is more receptive to your music? The U.S. or Sweden?

NOA: The U.S. is. It is very hard to be a rock musicial in Sweden. The U.S. is a very rock country.
Question: What is your take on the internet and services such as Napster?
NOA: A lot of people want to know what we think of Napster. I am not really sure. I haven't started using the internet a lot until I came to the U.S. to talk to friends back home. I have just started to check these things out. But from what I have seen, it is a good thing.

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