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Ambulance LTD Interview

After the band's recent supporting slot for Placebo, Ambulance LTD returned to their hometown of New York City to finish up their full-length.

Ambulance Interview

Is there a meaning or a story behind “Primitive (The Way That I Treat You)”?

I honestly don’t remember. It just kind of poured out. That’s what it is. Sorry. The verses are all different. Just garbled drug slurrings.

How did you meet up?

Darren and I sort of started it. I guess Darren brought these other guys into the mix. He’s done a lot of playing in New York, he’s from Belfast, and he knew these three from previous gigs and whatnot. That was kind of how it came about. Running in the same circles.

What are your plans for new material?

We recorded the new album in London when we were there in March for about two months. We got the album pretty much finished over there. I think they are planning on releasing it after Christmas. We did most of it at Mayfair and The Garden.

Did you think it was a surprise to be asked to support Placebo on this tour?

Yeah it was a surprise. We think it was more surprising for them.

Why the LTD after the name?

That is just because there are other Ambulance bands. Its only legal stuff.

What kind of guitars do you use?

I just got a Jaguar and a Jazzmaster for this tour. They look cool. They are terrible to play. They are all rattly and hard to keep in tune, but they look cool.

What guitars were you playing before his tour?

I had a jazzmaster and a Strat. The Strat got left in a cab. The jazzmaster got lost or stolen on the way back from London after making the record, so they (record label) bought me those two.

How did you record the new album?

We used the same producer that did the last Placebo album. We spent about two months with him and his engineer just tracking. We re-recorded a few of the songs on the EP because that stuff is not ver Hi-Fi. But we just went in there with all of them already written.

Are there any plans after this tour?

After this we are going back to New York to record some B-sides and then I think we are going to London and a few places in Europe. We are releasing “Primitive” as a single over there so we are going to play a few places in London.

Why did you decide on London for the recording?

We went over there because since the producer is British, the label thought we would go over well with the English people. I think it it cheaper and easier to record in our own city. Trying to to the whole project there was kind of hard.

Are you incorporating songs from the album into the setlist?

We are doing stuff from the EP and stuff from the album.

How have the crowds been?

We have been surprised. They have been really receptive since most of them are here to see Placebo. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s been going.

Check out ambulancenyc.com for more info on Ambulance LTD