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Avail Interview

While on the Fat Tour Beau Beau of Avail was able to have a quick interview with me.

Avail Interview

Question: Where did you get your name?

Beau Beau: uhmmm pure dumb luck? its a nick name that never went away

Question: How did you all meet?

Beau Beau: we have know each other since we were very little kids

Question: How is the Fat Tour going so far?

Beau Beau: It's soooooo good.

Question: What are some very unusual/weird things that stand out to you that have happened at concerts?

Beau Beau: God there are to many to count

Question: Who do you like to tour with?

Beau Beau: Anyone for the most part.

Question: Who would you like to tour with in the future?

Beau Beau: Anyone that plans the tour for short drives

Question: How you go about creating a new album?

Beau Beau: were working on it