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Bombshell Rocks Interview

Bombshell Rocks recently finished their support slot on the Millencolin U.S. tour.

Bombshell Rocks Interview

How has the tour been going?

Mathias: It's been really good. We've sold out almost every night. We had to cancel two shows because of Larzon's arm. That was too bad, but what can you do.

Do you have any plans after the tour?

Mathias: we are going to go home and practice for four weeks and then go to a studio to record the new album. Everything is pretty much laid down.

How did you sign with Burning Heart?

athias: We played a show with Voice of a Generation in Sweden and they liked us. They talked to Burning Heart and we did a 6-song CD for them, and they liked that, so we did a full-length. We are just lucky I guess. That was the label we wanted to be on also.

What are the differences between Swedish and U.S. fans?

Mathias: The scene is really small in Sweden. It is very big in the U.S. and Canada especially. Six or seven years ago the scene was really big, like it is here, but it went downhill. There are some places to play in Sweden, but not too many.

How did you get the name Bombshell Rocks?

Mathias: At first we wanted to be Bombshell, but there was already a band named Bombshell, so we added Rocks. It sounded good.

Do you have any plans to re-release your older songs?

Mathias: We put our first release out by ourselves, but I don't think we'll put that out again. We had a couple of seven inches that we might record again and maybe change a little.

What is the relationship between Bombshell Rocks and Millencolin?

Mathias: We did a European tour about two years ago together. We live really close to each other too. We are happy to be friends with them.

How has this tour been compared to your first U.S. tour?

Mathias: Oh, yeah, much better. We played with The Dropkick Murphys, Blood for Blood, and Anti Flag last time. That was a good tour too, but this is better.

Do you have any plans after this tour?

Mathias: The album will be released in September, October, or November. First we will do a European tour. It hasn't been decided yet, but we are coming back here for a U.S. tour. I don't know when.

Question: How did the band get started?

Mathias: Me and the singer, we started the band. Christian and Thomas were playing in another band, so we just put those two bands together. Richard started with me and the singer after a year or so. Then he quit in '98 and we had to find a new guitarist. But now he is back. Now it is all good again.