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Caviar Interview

At the recent Caviar show with Diffuser and Grand Theft Audio I was able to interview the guys of Caviar. Want to know what they had to say?Keep reading below.

Caviar Interview

Question: Where did you get the name Caviar?

Caviar:Basically, Jimmy, our old band member who is a chef was in the kitchen one day and was like, "This stuff is cool, it's Caviar, that would be a good band name." He still is a chef.

Question: What is your favorite place to tour?

Caviar: The coasts in general(the west and east) are in general best. The west coast is tough though, because everything is really far away. Like on the East coast you can go from Providence to Boston in an hour and a half and thats it. But when you are going from Portland to Seattle or Vancouver or San Franscisco they are all eight hours apart.

Question: What is something crazy that you have experienced during a show?

Caviar: We have had a few things like that. We have gotten heavy objects thrown at us. Coins sometimes that are sharp. We threw them back, that was fun. Not that much really wackiness has really occurred while we were playing. We had a party after one of our shows and I(Mike) blacked out and almost froze to death. We were in like Fargo stuck in our van and it was 20 below and I locked myself in the van.

Question: What are some bands that you like to tour with?

Caviar: We could go on forever. We love to tour with the Dandy Warhols, Weezer, U2 WE WOULD LIKE TO TOUR WITH THEM. There aren't a lot of bands out there that are really that good of a match for us. It seems like we would have to go out with a really hard rock band or like Sugar Ray. We fit somewhere in the middle. It's hard to say exactly.

Question: How was the record process for "Caviar"?

Caviar: We knew what we were doing. We went into the studio already having most of our songs, and while we were there we only did like four songs. Sometimes in the studio its experimental. Someone will plug something in wrong and well say, "Oh,I like that". But for the most part we thought it out and knew what we were doing.

Question: How did you come up with "Tangerine Speedo"?

Caviar: It's basically a true story. Blake went to Costa Rica last(1999) new years to get out of the big city millenium crisis and wanted to do something that he had never done before, so he went horseback riding. And there was this macho guy who wore nothing but a tangerine speedo and that being funny enough, he ended up seeing him the next night in a bar wearing nothing but a tangerine speedo sitting at the bar chatting up the chicks. The song basically wrote up itself. He called me up from Costa Rica and said we have to do this song and we just got to work on it rightaway. It took maby an hour to write.

Question: How did you all meet?

Caviar: Blake and I(Mike) went to school together. Jason just..."I went to grade school, just not with them"...We had mutual friends. Blake just saw Dave in a record store and was like, "want to join our band? You have to learn these songs and practice with us." So no romantic story there either.

Question: Is there anything you do to prepare for a concert?

Caviar: We don't really have a ritual before a concert. We all try to imitate Jason's twitch. It acts up every once and a while.

Question: Are there any TV shows you like to watch?

Caviar: ER. Antiques Road Show. We don't stay home to watch any shows but we watch the Simpsons when we can. Buffy used to be a show I watched. When we were doing part of the sound check today, part of the ceiling fell on my keyboard. I was like, "Man do I have dandruff?" and then I realized that chunks of ceiling were coming down.

Question:What was the 1st concert you went to?

Caviar: Matt:The English Beat with R.E.M.here(The Metro) when I was 14. Jason:Off Broadway, 1987 at Oktoberfest in Alpine Valley. Dave: Guns 'N Roses

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