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Death By Stereo Interview

Read on about DBS's beginnings in Orange County and their obsession with touring

Death By Stereo Interview

Question: Could you talk about the new CD?

Paul: We have a new CD that was out January 23rd. We have been touring our asses off trying to make sure everybody knows about it.

Efrem: We are really proud of it. It's some of the best stuff that we've ever done.

Question: Are you writing new material even now?

Paul: Dan and Jim are writing riffs. When it gets done, we will start recording it.

Efrem: It's kind of hard to finish new songs on tour.

Question: How was producing the album?

Paul: It's not a big deal to me. We have never done it any other way. We have always done everything ourselves. It's awesome and makes the environment more relaxed. No one gets their feelings hurt with constructive criticism.

Question: How is the new album different from the previous?

Efrem: It is a lot more song oriented.

Paul: It's a little more metal.

Question: How did you get your band name?

Paul: It is from an 80's movie called The Lost Boys. There is a scene where a guy shoots a vampire and he fries against a stereo.

Question: How did you sign with Epitaph?

Paul: A good friend of ours worked there. He gave Brett a copy of our first record, and Brett was really into it. He came and saw us play. It wasn't a big deal. We were really lucky. In retrospect, it wasn't some crazy story.

Efrem: It just happened, we lucked out.

Question: How is the tour going? Are there any standout shows?

Efrem: It's awesome.

Paul: Canada's been really good. It seems like so many shows on this tour have been really good. Way better than we could have expected. People that see Good Riddance are definitely receptive to our music.

Question: Are there any differences in Canadian and U.S. fans?

Efrem: The crowd at a Canadian show will consist of every type of kid, not just hardcore kids or punker kids. Everyone goes to shows and rocks out.

Paul: I think that stems from the fact that that bands don't go to Canada a lot, so when a band comes, everyone goes. In Los Angeles, they are totally spoiled. Every band comes through there, so everyone says, "Oh, I'll see them next week, next time they come through." Kids in Canada will say, "This is the only chance I'll have to see them, so I better go."

Question: How did you all meet?

Paul: I met my brother like 24 years ago. It all stemmed from old bands we were in playing with each other. I recorded Dan's old band. I met Jim playing together.

Efrem: Jim played with Todd for a summer in his old band.

Question: What is your most memorable show?

Paul: When we headlined the GlassHouse in Pomona. It was the biggest show we have ever headlined. Something was really special about it. We didn't expect that many people so were on the small stage, but they had to move us to the big stage because of all of the people.

Efrem: Mine was when we played our first show at Esperanza High School. When leaving, Jim backed his Ford Festiva into a light pole and was not allowed back onto the campus ever.

Question: How was the first show?

Efrem: We weren't really that good. We didn't really know our songs. We just went for it. We had no idea what was going on. It was funny.

Question: Where do you like to play?

Efrem: New Jersey; Colorado, Denver; Bangor, Maine #1

Paul: Winnipeg, Toronto, Ontario, and Seattle

Question: Who do you like to play with?

Efrem: A.F.I., Rise Against, Good Riddance

Paul: Sick Of It All, Faded Glory, Kill Your Idols

Question: How are you able to mix good punk and humor?

Efrem: We just don't take ourselves seriously at all. It carries over into everything we do. Just try to have fun.

Question: How did you get into playing?

Paul: I met a friend, Steve in 8th grade. I went to his grand-pa's house. He had all this equipment there. I started fooling around with a bass. Steve didn't have drums, but told me he was a drummer and wore fingerless gloves and had drumsticks in his back pocket. Eventually he did get a drum set. I started fooling around and jamming. I just caught the bug and it didn't go away.

Question: How does this tour compare to others?

Efrem: Snowjam in Canada was better maybe. It had: AFI, Sick of It All, Rise Against, Jersey, Ann Bereta, and The Planet Snatchers. So many great bands in one night. Just a great time.

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