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The Distillers Interview

The band is currently wrapping up their Lollapalooza 2nd stage slot before going on a headlining tour of their own.

The Distillers Interview

What is the new record going to be called?

Coral Fang. Brody came up with the name. Youíll understand when the record comes out.

How do you think its different from Sing Sing Death house?

There is a bigger variety to the songs. We are trying to explore some new territory with the new songs. With Sing Sing there was a big step. Were trying to make this a big step as well. We donít want to make the same record twice.

Where did you record the album?

At a place called The Site up in Northern California just north of San Franscisco. Beautiful place.

Did you go in prepared to just record the album?

Yeah. We practiced for a bit before we went in back in L.A. We went up there with most of it already written and we did a little bit in the studio. It was really cool, we had Gil Norton produce it. He was the guy who did all of the Pixies stuff. He did a Foo Fighters record and some other stuff. He was excellent to work with. Really cool.

How has the tour been going?

It has been awesome. Itís cool for us to be on this tour because of the good variety. Weíve done the Warped Tour a couple of times. Itís usually the same people, but this year we are meeting a whole bunch of new people and bands.

Has there been a lot of people coming out?

A lot of our fans are the younger punk rock crowd. So a lot of these bands donít really appeal to them, but it has been cool because a lot of our fans have come out.

Have you been incorporating new songs in the setlist?

We have put like five new songs in the setlist. Itís cool. The crowdís have been digging it. We love the songs and we love playing them. We have noticed the crowds have been pretty into it.

Have you been able to check out any of the other bandís sets yet?

I watched the Queens of the Stone Age yesterday. They are fucking awesome. I watched Janeís the other night, The Donnas. Im excited because this band the Burning Brides are joining the tour, I think on the 20th. They are awesome. They are playing the 2nd stage I think.

Whats the schedule for The Distillers?

We are on until the 10th of August, then we go to Europe. We are doing a few of our own shows and a few festival shows.

What kind of music did you listen to when you grew up?

I grew up in Rhode Island in the woods. I had no access to any scene, I didnít have a cool older sister that was in college that got me into cool music or anything. I got into stuff that was big when I went to high school in Ď91-Ď94.Nirvana, Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, those are my favorite bands. The Pixies.

Do you have a pre-show routine?

We kind of get winded up before going on. We jump around. We stretch. Itís good to stretch. I used to thing that it was funny to see people stretch before a set but it is good. If you donít you can get out there and cramp up immediately.

What do you think you try to bring to ďmusicĒ with your sound?

Thatís a big one. We have this band and we are all best friends. We get to play the music we like. We are just trying to prove to people that you can be in a band and you can play exactly what you want on your own terms.

When does the new record come out?

Late September, early October. We donít have a date yet.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I have a Marshall head and Cabinet. An Orange head that I run through a Marshall cabinet and I just got a brand new Fender jazzmaster. It was tricked out by a friend of mine.

How were you approached about doing Lollapalooza?

Someone on the Lollapalooza team just called our people. We were supposed to do Warped Tour but we wanted to do something new instead. We said fuck yeah. Weíve donít the Warped Tour thing a couple years now with the same bands. Itís been fun.

Was the choice to do Lollapalooza instead of the Warped Tour purely out of looking for something new?

Yeah we wanted to do something else new. Brody is a friend and bandmate. It is a weird time for her. Thatís all I have to say.