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F-Minus Interview

Check out an interview with Jen of F-Minus for tips on touring Europe and Bradley's crazy stage antics.


Question: How has being from Huntington Beach effected your musical style?

Jen: It is a big part of the band. It stems from there being very few good clubs in Orange County. It has made us. It comes from our not liking the stucco suburbia of Los Angeles at all.

Question: How did you get the name F-Minus?

Jen: Our original guitar player thought of it and we all liked it.

Question: As a band what are your political views on the U.S. government today?

Jen: I personally am not that into government. I don't vote, but I'm registered under the Green Party. Bradley is more into that. I try not to pay attention to politics because I find it just gets me angry. I don't vote, because what's the point?

Question: How did you all meet?

Jen: Brad and Erika met in New York. I have been friends with Erica, and when our old guitar player left, I called up Erika. Brad and I met her in Huntington Beach.

Question: Do you get 2nd glances for having 2 girls in the band?

Jen: Not really. I don't ever notice it. I may just not be paying attention. I think its getting more normal. On our first 7 inch, no one knew there were two girls in the band.

Question: What do you hope to accomplish with the new album?

Jen: To Get people to hear our music. To be able to tour. We just played a show at the GlassHouse in Pomona. There were three people there from China. They all bought shirts and we loaded them up with stickers to pass out. I hope they don't get in trouble. I would like to play in Russia, India, and Cuba. All three communist (or previously communist) countries.

Question: Are you self-taught?

Jen: Yes, we were all self taught.

Question: How did you sign with Hellcat?

Jen: The guys with rancid helped produce the last two records. Since they were on Hellcat. They turned us on to and pointed us to Hellcat.

Question: How was the European tour?

Jen: It was awesome. We went by ourselves. We want to go back. Italy was great.

Question: What differences do you see between U.S. and European clubs?

Jen: Europeans go to listen to the music. In the U.S. kids come to hang out. They are mellower in Europe.

Question: How did you prepare for the European tour?

Jen: We have to get our bills paid for the six months we will be on tour. You have to get friends to watch the house for you and practice.

Question: What were people's initial reaction's to F-Minus?

Jen: Either there was no reaction or they said, "You suck." They didn't know what to think of us at first. We still get that sometimes. People still say, "What is this? Let's get out of here."

Question: What memorable moments have you had onstage?

Jen: Me wondering whether Bradley was going to knock me down. Him wrapping himself around Erika's leg and almost pulling her down. I always wonder how those things will turn out.

Question: What's your opinion on the Internet?

Jen: I use it to talk to people I can't afford to call. So I like it in that way. I really don't know a lot about Napster and free music though. I am a little computer illiterate.