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Goldfinger Interview

I got to talk with John and Darrin of Goldfinger after their show in Chicago recently and I was able to ask them some questions later on about life and touring. Here is what they said:

Goldfinger Interview

Question: What do you think of the new album compared to others you have done?

John: This album is harder, but I think there are songs like San Simeon that still fit the old school Goldfinger vibe.

Darrin: I think it's alot heavier then our last cd,hang ups.we wanted to make a good record and i think we did. Plus we were all drunk when we recorded it... it was a blast!!

Q: What does the Japanese writing mean on the cover of the "Stomping Ground"?

John: "Stomping Ground". Amazed?

Darrin: With the whole us as monster theme we thought it would be cool if it said stomping ground in japanese.

Q: How did you all meet?

John: Darrin sold coffee with my best friend. Charlie used to sleep on all my friend's couches. Kelly answered an ad for 'bass player wanted' in 1988. I've known him ever since.

Darrin: We all met in prison in the 80's..

Q: What was the first concert you gave like?

John:We played in front of 100 people. It was amazing. I felt like we were on to something.

Darrin: I'm assuming you mean the 1st goldfinger show.it was hella fun. No one knew who we were. It was a good show though..

Q: What bands do you like to tour with?

John: No Doubt, Showoff, Mest.

Darrin: N,Sync, Britney Spears, 98 Degrees.

Q: What do you do when not touring?

John: Surf, write songs, produce bands, go to the Bean.

Darrin: Dealing drugs,pickin up on high school girls,worshiping satan.

Q: What is the weirdest thing that has happened to you during a concert?

John: Singing with my hero, Angelo from Fishbone. It was almost surreal.

Darrin: Funny you should ask, last night we played Philly with Mest and it was the last night with them and the drummer, nick came out and took a crap on the stage. It was gross, but it was really funny.

Q: What is it like to play in front of so many fans that like your music so much?

John: It is the best feeling in the world. We are so grateful. It feels like all the work we do actually means something.

Darrin: That's like saying when you go to Vegas and you win lots of cash, are you happy?

Q: What is your favorite place to play?

John: Chicago.

Darrin: Chicago..Definitely Chicago. Toronto a close second.

Q: Does recording an album go fast or slow for you?

John: The last album was slow. Every record is different though.

Darrin: Seeing as we're all drunk as hell I don't think we remember.