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Goldfinger Interview

While Goldfinger was in Chicago on the Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger Tour, I was able to talke to John about the tour, England, Mojo Records, and the new live CD.

2nd Goldfinger Interview

Question: What happened with Mojo going under?

The last record was a bit of a disappointment for us because we definitely spent more time arranging and really trying to get a solid record. We were all really excited. There were a couple of songs I don't really like, but over all I think it's a great record. We were just really disappointed in the promotion involved. None of us felt like it got what it deserved. The owner of Mojo was starting all of these start-up companies. He did one with Playboy and was getting into all of these naked girls. He was getting away from the music end of things. He just didn't care. The last three years he hasn't cared at all about keeping his bands important to him. We just parted ways. We are a little resentful of the way he treated us. Reel Big Fish feel the same way. He definitely stopped caring and we were bummed. We are going to start fresh on our next record. We are going to be on Nsync's and Britney Spears record label. Reel Big Fish and us. As far as marketing goes we are going to have the best. Those people know how to kill bands. I just want our music to get heard.

Question: Do you have any new material done yet?

We've got about 17 songs recorded. I am going to write until we release the record. All of September and August I am going to spend writing. Who knows? I live the stuff we have already, so I know it's going to be a solid record. It's definitely a lot simpler. Our last record was more rock. Charlie had a lot of influence on the last record with "Bro" and "Carry On." He definitely kind of influenced the rock thing. "San Simeon" was my favorite song on the last record and I think it will be along those lines. It will be a little bit more faster stuff.

Question: How is the tour going so far?

It's awesome. Every show has been sold out. We played New Jersey. It was like a 5,000 capacity place, but we only did 3,500. Every show has been sold out besides that one. It's one of those things where a lot of kids that like our band, but have been a bit hesitant to see us over the last couple of years. Now it's a package so they will come. Same with Reel Big Fish fans. Besides Chicago, it's sort of hard to tell here because we will play 6-800 people and now were playing 3,000. Same with Reel Big Fish.

Question: Could you talk about the Foot in Mouth CD?

We just said after the second time in England, that we've got to record this because it's awesome. Everyone sings along there. So I just hired a friend to bring his laptop and we recorded every show. We did like 12 or 13 shows We went back-it took a week, and listened to all the shows and we just chose songs from the best shows. Since Mojo and us are parting ways, I just decided to do it myself in my studio. We edited it in my studio and a friend did the artwork, ad we just pressed it ourselves. It's cool. We aren't planning on it being our best record. I put a video we made for "San Simeon" as well. We did it when we were in Florida diving.

Question: Will Darrin be playing any of his material?

We played McNuggets for a while, but that got old. Now that we have 5 records we have a hard time making a set list. So Darrin usually gets the shaft. On the next tour we are going to be with Mest and those guys are going to play with Darrin for the opening band.

Question: Do you have any more information on that tour?

It's probably going to start the end of September and go through October. It's gonna be four weeks. We won't be coming back here. We will be going to the Pacific Northwest. I know we are playing Puerto Rico. Doing a couple of shows in Florida and a lot in Canada. Probably a few in the midwest. We are going to hit all the big markets we didn't get this time.

Question: How have Zebrahead and Homegrown been?

They are good. We played with Zebrahead like three years ago. They have gotten so much better. They talk a lot. They play for an hour and they play five songs. It's cool. They are really funny. They put on a great show.

Question: What do you do on the road for fun?

I went diving in Florida. In Orlando we went to this theme park. It was a Six Flags type thing. I'm a vegan so I always find the best food. Today we went to the Chicago Diner. There is so much down time. In 24 hours of the day, we have one or two hours to work. You try to find stuff or friends to hang with.

Question: How did you get the tour name?

One of Charlie's friends came up with it. I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard.

Question: Were there any standout dates of the Europe tour?

Norway. It was by far the best. It's like Germany and Denmark stop here and you have to take a five-hour ferry to Norway. There are a lot of pure blood people there. You walk into places and it looks like you are in a TV ad. Every one is so perfect. Everyone has perfect skin are tan and blond. Swimming in the North Sea was incredible. We played a show with the Deftones on this huge mountain right on top of the ocean.

Question: What happened with Simon?

I don't know. He hates punk rock and I love it. Not that we're a punk rock band, but I LOVE it. It became an issue towards the end. He wanted to play Blur and Radiohead. Kelly played in a band with me a couple of years ago so he was the obvious choice.