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Handsome Devil Interview

Handsome Devil have just finished a stint on tour with their friends in Lit. Check out their new release.

Handsome Devil Interview

Scott: Where were you when the events of September 11th happened?

Danny: We woke up that morning to make a morning drive to Seattle and we woke up and the TV's were on. 1 of the planes had hit already. We just turned the radio up all the way up to Seattle on our drive. It was the most shocking thing I had ever seen. I don't think words could have described what we were feeling. It just got worse and worse.

Scott: Could you discuss the new album?

Danny: It's called "Love and Kisses From the Underground." We have 11 songs on it and it's like a Thanksgiving dinner. On all of the songs you can tell that Handsome Devil is playing, but you have your mashed potatoes, your cranberries. Each song has it's own color. I think it's a really good representation of the band. It's pretty diverse. We're really proud of it.

Scott: How did you meet up with Lit?

Danny: We met them when both bands were playing some shows in Orange County. It was a couple of years ago before they hit it big. Johnny, Jeremy, and I met. After the show we started talking and started a friendship. I ran into him a couple of years later and he asked me what I was doing now. I told him we were making demos and he asked to hear one when we finished, and he said he wanted to be involved. The rest is history. He came by our rehearsal and wanted to produce our album.

Scott: How has the tour been so far?

Danny: It's been really great except for the three dates that had to be canceled right after the 11th. It's great to see people so receptive. Here we are, with no airplay at all in a town, going in and rattling their cage a bit. That's what we are about. Making sure people are having a good time.

Scott: How do you think coming out of Orange County has effected your music?

Danny: I don't think it has effected our music necessarily, but bands from Orange County have a good model to follow from bands that have done well from here. They look at this very professional and handle their business their selves. It can't all be drunken stupors.

Scott: How did you meet as a band?

Danny: Billy and I met in a bar probably like seven years ago. I went out to find the best drummer out of O.C. and I found Keith. He has always been a great drummer and were stoked that we finally got him. Then we found our bass player through an audition. Day 1 he took a demo home and learned it.

Scott: What are your likes and dislikes of touring?

Danny: The only dislike is the fact that the tour is relentless sometimes. Even if you are sick you have to go out and perform. My likes are that I get to play music every day, I get to travel and see the world. There really isn't anything bad about touring.

Scott: What was recording the new album like?

Danny: It was cool. Jeremy (from Lit) really helped out a lot with the arrangements. He would throw out ideas sometimes too. I would say "I think my voice cracked on that note", Jeremy would say, "Shut up that's perfect. Keep it real. Your voice will crack when you do it live too. We are better off doing a record that is really representative of Handsome Devil.

Scott: Do you have a really memorable show?

Danny: It was probably in Fresno California just recently. The crowd had heard of us a little bit on the radio and knew a little about us already. There were tons of kids going crazy and there were some skinheads hucking stuff at us. It was a great mix of good and bad. So that was probably one of my favorites.

Scott: What was the first Handsome devil show like?

Danny: It was at a place called Al's bar in L.A. It was awesome. It was a classic club and we totally tore it up. We actually headlined the first show we ever played.

Scott: What do you try to bring to a live show when you play?

Danny: All the energy we can muster. But definitely to get a connection with the audience. We want to make sure we communicate. We are entertainers, but we are definitely going to rock.

Scott: Where did you get the name Handsome Devil?

Danny: Our drummer came up with it. It doesn't have a real significance, people can take it how they want to take it. I like the street vibe that goes with the name. I like it because it has Devil in it so it makes parents go "Uh-Oh." I'm into that.

Handsome Devil