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Hoods Interview

The Hoods are currently touring in support of their album.

HOODS Interview

Question: How did you all meet?

Hoods: We basically met at shows.

Question: What do you hope to achieve with the new record?

Hoods: World Domination and a Slayer tour.

Question: How did you get together with Victory?

Hoods: They love us and couldn't live without us. Plus Clint Rules The MOSH!.

Question: How did the recording process go?

Hoods: We went in for 4 days and busted it out.

Question: How is touring for your? Future touring plans?

Hoods: From july 18th to ???next year. august 1-19th is with dying fetus on the east coast.

Question: Who do you like to tour with the most?

Hoods: Slayer/Hatebreed .

Question: What is the most memorable show you have played?

Hoods: Pro-Pain/Hatebreed in Philly..

Question: What is the strangest/most memorable thing that has happened during a show?

Hoods: Someone got stabbed to death in sacramento while we played. That sucks.

Question: What was the first show you played together like?

Hoods: Horrible in a great way there was a huge riot.

Question: How did you all decide to start playing instruments?

Hoods: Im not sure I think I heard cro-mags and wanted to play.