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Kill Your Idols Interview

Check out what Kill Your Idols are doing and how the new tour is going

Kill Your Idols Interview

Question: How is A Funeral For A Feeling different from your previous records?

Raeph: I think it is a little bit more personal. We didn't have that much time to write it, so it came out really spontaneous and fresh. I think the album touched on a lot of personal issues. I think it's a little bit more progressive. A little more In depth as far as lyrics go. Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics.

Question: Are you still right now writing new material?

Raeph: Actually we haven't had a chance to write any new material because we have been touring since the album came out. We have a couple of splits coming out hopefully in the near future with American Nightmare. We have basically been focusing on touring.

Question: What do you attribute to your success as a band?

Raeph: We just dedicate our lives to putting out the music we put out. We can go and play to 15 people, and then we go play to all these people that come to see Good Riddance and play to a lot more kids that maybe haven't heard of us before. As long as we are able to do what we are doing now and make records and go on tour, and have a decent label that's great. I think it's just putting forth honest music. We have never changed our sound, we've never changed our style. If people were into us two or three years ago, I think they still will be into us now. Hopefully the people that come to this tour, we will be able to reach them as well.

Question: What is the meaning of the name "Kill Your Idols"?

Raeph: It basically means that no one is above anyone else. You shouldn't have to look outside yourself to find happiness or your self esteem.

Question: How has the tour been going so far?

Raeph: The tour has been awesome. Playing to lots of people that haven't heard us, it's good to get our stuff out to new people. Good Riddance and Death By Stereo are bands that we have been really fortunate and lucky to play with. Everything so far has been really good.

Question: How did you get into punk music and playing as a band?

Andy and Paul walk in.

Raeph: I have been into hardcore music and metal music and everything extreme basically since I was 12 years old. So I have been in it for a while. I've been in Kill Your Idols for like two or three years.

Question: Andy, what are some of your influences?

Andy: A lot of old punk bands like The Exploited, Circle Jerks, The Dead Kennedys, Minor Threat, The minutemen (as he reaches for cake). A lot of stuff like that got me into punk.

Question: Who do you like to play with?

Andy: American Nightmare. We had a great time with them. Ensign. H20. Holding on from Minneapolis.

Raeph: We had a great time with Decay in Japan. Saves The Day.

Question: What has been your best and worst show?

Raeph: Worst show. Bradford, England. Four people come and we played to our friends that were there.

Andy: The place held 800 and Green Day played there about two weeks later. So that was good. One of the best ones was when we headlined a festival in Holland. It was amazing to be in Europe and be so popular. We played over bands like Hot Water Music that we would never play to in the U.S. They are huge here. The first time we headlined CBGB"s also.

Raeph: There are too many to name.

Question: How did you get into hardcore as opposed to the other types of punk?

Raeph: I think anything that was extreme for me like some of the early punk bands like The Dead Kennedy's and Black Flag. I just grouped it together as something that was a little more angry. I could go and just be myself. What about you Paul?

Paul: Just the anger behind it. And the pissed off vibe. I actually went from metal into more New Youk hardcore. The Breakdowns. Stuff like that.

Andy: For me it was the fact that it was so personal. You could go meet people you respected and hang out with them. You didn't have to go through a press agent. When I got into punk, it was like it was speaking directly to me. I connected with it.

Question: What was the first show you went to like?

Andy: Circle Jerks in college.

Paul: Leeway, The Lunachicks, and the Icemen. About '91. My second show was the Gorilla Biscuits last show.

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