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Follow-Up Less Than Jake Interview

On their latest tour: The International Champions of Field and Track tour, I was able to talk to Buddy and Pete of Less Than Jake in Milwaukee at The Rave while on tour with Anti-Flag, New Found Glory and The Teen Idols all around the country.(2-24-01)

Less Than Jake Interview

Question: How do you think this new album is diffrent from old ones?

Buddy & Pete:Musically I think the songs are better and it took a long time to record and everybody is really happy with it. I don't think it's diffrent, i just think it's a little better musically.

Question: How do you think being from Florida effected your music?

Buddy & Pete: The style of music there was ska type, that definitely affected us. Just being on the West Coast in general witht eh whole ska genre around there.

Question: How did you all meet?

Buddy & Pete: Chris and Vinnie went to high school together and then they met Chris. Then Jessica came in and then she left. We were all just a bunch of friends that got together and started making music.

Question: What is some unusual stuff that has happened to you while on tour?

Buddy & Pete: So many things have happened....It would have to be Bon Jovi standing on the side of the stage really getting into our music. Another time was in Florida in a 3,000 + venue that was sold out and kids were scaling the walls trying to get in. That was so amazing. There was a huge crowd outside just going at it as well, there was a huge pit and everyone was moshing.

Question: Who are some of the people you have met while on tour that will always stand out to you?

Buddy & Pete: Definitely Bon Jovi. Dave Sambora was cool.

Question: How did the Bon Jovi tour come about?

Buddy & Pete: Buddy was actually the ring bearer at Jon Bon Jovi's wedding, most people don't know that but they go way back.

Question: How is the tour going so far?

Buddy & Pete: It's great. A lot of fun, good bands.

Question: Is there anywhere you like to play?

Buddy & Pete: I actually like playing this place (The Rave). I really do like playing Chicago, San Francisco is fun. Every place we play is cool, but places like New York city, it is fun to walk around before or afterwards.

Question: You are starting your European tour after this right?

Buddy & Pete: Yes, Three days after this.

Question: Are you looking forward to it?

Buddy & Pete: Half & half. I(Buddy) am always down the middle with this question just because I'm married. But I am looking forward to it just because it's Europe. Last time we just went to the North and it was cold, but this time we get to to the south like Italy and Spain and those places. We have never been to France and Paris, I'm excited about that.

Question: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

Buddy & Pete: Yes, we would like to say "Thank you, Thank you for being our fans." Because without you we suck. Go buy four copies of our new record so we can get a gold record. Because we are not gonna sell them on our own(laughs). Without you we would still be playing a warehouse in Gainsville.We wouldn't be able to go to Europe on an expensive bus. Thank you

Buddy from Less Than Jake