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Follow-Up Lucky Boys Confusion Interview

At their 2nd show of the Hometown Throwdown tour with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Kaustubh got into discussing the upcoming release off of Elektra Records.

Follow-up Lucky Boys Confusion Interview

Question: How do you think coming from Chicago has influenced your music?

Kaustubh: I don't think Chicago has influenced our music that muc. Just hearing the music out here, we just wanted to do something different. But being from the suburbs has influenced our music. You know?

Question: Who do you like to tour with?

Kaustubh: We haven't toured with a lot of bands, because we are still pretty young. Although, we just toured with this band called Grasshopper Takeover, they're really awesome guys. They are kind of on the same level as we are success-wise. The Bosstones have been really nice. I enjoyed playing with Goldfinger, they were really cool guys. We haven't had any bad touring experiences though.

Question: Where do you like to play?

Kaustubh: Champaign is awesome. Milwaukee is cool at the Rave. Iowa City. Omaha. Basically anywhere there are really enthusiastic kids, it's really cool.

Question: How did you all meet?

Kaustubh: Me and the guy that just walked out of the room were in a band and Adam and Joe who isn't here right now were in a band and we met together at shows and stuff. Their band broke up and our band broke up, and I thought he was a good songwriter. So we just started working together and writing songs. Jason was a friend of mine that I went to parties with and he played bass and we tried him out and he was good.

Question: How was recording your upcoming record?

Kaustubh: It's really cool. People all over the country are gonna get a chance to hear us. We got to make the record the way we wanted to make it with a few exceptions. I think it will be recieved pretty well.

Question: How did you get signed by Elektra?

Kaustubh: Q101 started playing us, and we were playing here a lot(The Metro) and Q101 caught notice of that. They put us on their Local 101 Volume 2 and started getting heavy rotation of Q101. Label guys, A&R guys, they are hoars, they see that and come out in the dozens and check that out. Elektra just seemed like the right choice.

Question: What is the first concert you ever went to?

Kaustubh: Rage Against the Machine & House of Pain in 1990. Rage kicked ass. That was the first time they were in Chicago and I didn't even know that they weren't House Of Pain, because I was that ignorant. So this band came on and I thought they were House of Pain and started playing. I though, "Dude, this is not like jump around stuff."Jason's first show was us at The Home Run In.

Question: Hopefully with the release of this new record, you will get to do a much larger tour. Where would you like to go?

Kaustubh: Japan. Australia, New Zealand and India I would like to get out of Chicago. I heard Japan was awesome..

Question: How did you get into playing music?

Kaustubh: I was always surrounded by Indian music when I grew up. I was a senior, and I was always like writing music without knowing about it and I liked Nirvana and wanted to be in a band. After that, I met these other kids, and went to this practice and ctarted jamming with them and they wanted me to sing something and it just came naturally. I was never trained or anything like that.

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