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Mighty Mighty Bosstones Interview

I recently had a phone interview with Dicky of the Bosstones. We were able to have a quick interview about touring and other bands. See what he had to say.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones Interview

Question: Who are your favorite bands to play with?

Dicky: We really liked touring with Sum 41, rightnow were touring with Flogging Molly and they're great. I also liked touring with Fishbone and Pennywise.

Q: What are your favorite places to play?

Dicky: I would say Boston, but that's too easy. I really liked touring in Japan though.

Question: What do you think of the Warped Tour?

Dicky: I think it's great. There are a lot of gret bands on it.

Question: What do you think of Napster?

Dicky:I really like it. That kid who made it(Shawn Fanning) is really smart for doing it.

Question: What's the most unusual thing that you have seen touring?

Dicky:I've seen a lot of stuff, but a few days ago, I saw this bouncer hit a kid. The guy must have been a real jerk.

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