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Recently I caught up with Yuri of MXPX for an interview over the phone. Here is what he had to say.

MXPX Interview

Question: How do you feel about the Napster situation?

Yuri:I think it's fine to make music available in that format, like when bands make it available which I think is great. When Napster takes our new record that's not going to come out for a month and a half and makes it available online, I don't think that's cool.

Q: If you could tour with 1 other band who would it be?

Yuri: Elvis Costello

Question: What is the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you during a show?

Yuri: I think I have gotten water poured on my head.(laughter)

Question: How did you come up with the name for your cd, "The Ever Passing Moment"?

Yuri: "The Ever Passing Moment" was actually a song. "One Step Closer To Life" used to be called "The Ever Passing Moment". It's a catchy title that basically talks about not taking a moment to look back.

Question: What was your first show like?

Yuri: Basically it was just a barbecue and we practiced for a week before it. The barbecue was on Saturday and we practiced Monday through Friday. We had only been a band a week and we played out on the grass with all these extension cords and it was really crappy.

Question: Do you look at performing as a job or having fun?

Yuri: A fun job.

Question: What do you hate the most about the music industry?

Yuri: The fans get ripped off so much. It's not really fair. We wanna get paid for what we do and that dosent happen all the time.(laughter)

Question: Where do you like to play the most?

Yuri: Australia

Question: Who is someone you look up to?

Yuri: I look up to the band U2.

Question: In your music you talk a lot about girlfriends, do you have one right now?

Yuri: I personally have a girlfriend right now, Tom has a girlfriend, but Mike dosen't right now.

Question: Where do you think you will be in 10 years?

Yuri: I have no idea, probably still playing music. I'll probably be married and have kids.

Question: What is your favorite band personally?

Yuri: I have a couple, but I would say The Cure, U2, and The Smiths.

Question: How do you feel about the whole selling out thing?

Yuri: People don't know what they are talking about. People come up to me now and then and say "you sold out!" What does that mean? Like if you are an Anarchy punk band and you aren't making a lot of money so you decide to become N'sync. When bands do that, I don't think it's cool. But, I think people use that phrase way too much. Like Blink-182. They are a target today. But I know those guys and they are doing the same thing they have been doing for like 8 to 9 years. They are a dorky punk band that got really popular. But you know, they didn't sell out. They didn't change anything they did. They are the same band that they always were. I think people think when a band gets big they sell out.

Question: How has fame treated you?

Yuri: Basically, kids I don't know come up to me and say "Hi". I still live in the same apartment and I still drive the same crappy car. It's not like, "Oh, I'm rich". It's been really great to travel and other opportunities that come with being a popular band.

The guys of MXPX