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NHOI Interview

Right before Never Heard Of It's CHicago Warped gig, Elmo, drummer for the band, was able to sit down for an interview on this unsigned band's success.

NHOI Interview

Question: Can you go through a typical day for the band on the Warped Tour?

It's pretty crazy. It starts off by driving all night to the venue. You unload at 7 in the morning and you get all of your merch stuff set up. Get a little bit of breakfast. The food here is great. Doors open at 11 or noon. You start selling your merch then. There are different set times every day so sometimes we play early and sometimes we play late. It's different all the time.

Question: How are the CD sales this year compared to last year?

We are doing even better. It's been amazing. It's really mind blowing how successful our merch has been. We've been drawing large crowds too. We love interacting with the fans. 95% of the time there are one or two of us at the merch tent. We are just having a great time.

Question: How have your sets been affected by the rain throughout the tour?

Yesterday in Wisconsin we got an inside tip that it was going to downpour rain. So they asked us to pack up our stuff like 20 minutes before we played. Other than that we have played rain or shine. Only a couple of times has it rained during out set and it wasn't a real problem.

Question: Are there any plans to get signed to a label?

Yeah. We've been talking to our manager about it a lot. We have interest from all of the major labels. But we aren't worrying about that. Right now we are just focusing on the tour. Our manager is worrying about that. Definitely, we are ready to move up. We've accomplished a lot as an unsigned band.

Question:How were you approached about going on the Warped Tour?

We were approached by Kevin Lyman last year and he was familiar with the whole NHOI style and DIY ethic. We told him we would love to do it this year and he gave us that opportunity. We are so stoked. We are slowly starting to climb up to the bigger stages. Today we are playing the Ernie Ball stage.

Question: What equipment do you use?

I am sponsored by Truth Custom drums out of L.A. They sponsor P.O.D. and Sugarcult. The other guys use marshall amps. Rich has a Music Man bass. We are happy with out equipment. It's pretty good. Definitely professional.

Question: What is next for you guys after this tour?

We are going to check out our options for touring and decide whether or not we want to go straight into the studio and record. We would like to get our new songs laid down as soon as possible. If we get the opportunity to do another great tour we will probably take it. We'll see. We already have our next producer lined up. Steven. He is doing a great job with the pre-production on two of our songs. He has been in the industry for years. He just did the new Avril Lavigne and Lisa Marie Presley albums. He has some names under his belt.

Question: It seems like you have a very strong management team. It appears that they have a great deal of faith in you.

Yeah. There are a lot of people we trust that hope we will make them money one day. Right now they are helping us out and working for us. We are really professional. We have our own publicist and everything.

Check out www.neverheardofit.com. We have our webmaster touring with us on the Warped Tour. He is doing daily updates, taking pictures, and video. We are having contests every day. We find the fans that made their own shirts or have never heard of it painted all over their face.