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Reel Big Fish Interview

While Reel Big Fish was in Chicago on the Crouching Fish, Hidden Finger Tour, I was able to talke to they guys of RBF about touring and life.

Question: How is this tour different than your other tour with Goldfinger?

Reel Big Fish: We're headlining this time. They don't want to play last. They think everybody is going to leave.

Question: Are you working on new material for an album?

Reel Big Fish: Yes. We have a bunch of songs. We're just waiting to see what happens with Mojo. It has a lot less edge (new stuff).

Question: Where do you like to play?

Reel Big Fish: In clubs. I don't really care where we play. I don't have a favorite. Wherever there are people to watch us.

Question: What are the positives and negatives of touring?

Reel Big Fish: The good thing is that you get to play every day. The bad thing is there isn't much to do. Pretty boring. You sit around.

Question: How is your music different from when you started?

Reel Big Fish: It's pretty much the same. We've rastified things by 35%. A little more extreme.

Question: Where did you get the name?

Reel Big Fish: We just made it up. It just sounded good. You need a good three-syllable name.

Question: How did you prepare for the tour?

Reel Big Fish: I packed all of my things in a suitcase and got on the bus. That's all. We never practice. We know all the songs. I worked out a little bit.

Question: Have you seen Zebrahead and Homegrown yet?

Reel Big Fish: No, we usually don't come out of the bus. We watch a lot of TV. I've heard they're nice guys though. They look like nice guys. I've seen them walk by the bus.

Question: What do you have to offer as opposed to other bands?

Reel Big Fish: We have the best songs in our genre. We tell the best jokes. We have the best guitar solo. We wear the best shoes. We have the most stubble. We're just the best. We have the greenest bus. (The whole bus is red). We've seen Friday the most. We know all the words to Straight Outta Compton. We have the most porn. We get all the bands on our bus to watch porn. We call that our PCP party. Pina Coladas and Porn. We don't really do PCP. Not unless you have any on you?