Reach The Sky Interview
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Reach The Sky Interview

The guys from Reach The Sky, the up and coming punk band from Boston were able to sit down recently and talk about touring and touring and even a little more touring.

Reach The Sky Interview

Question: What has the Boston Warped Tour done for you?

Reach The Sky: Allowed us to play in front of hundreds of kids who haven't ever heard of us before. A lot of kids who have checked us out there have come out and checked us and other bands out later. Plus it gives us a chance to play outside, which is always cool.

Question: What has been your most memorable experience on tour?

Reach The Sky:Too many to name, but mostly they have to do with making new friends all over the world, seeing awesome bands and travelling to places I never would have been to otherwise. .

Question: What do you think of your new album compared to past releases?

Reach The Sky: I think its our best music to date. Its a bit different, but a logical progression. Its a change, but nothing drastic.

Question: What are some bands that you like to tour with?

Reach The Sky:Blood for Blood, Madball, Buried Alive, Boy Sets Fire, Dropkick Murphys, Ignite, 7 Seconds, Kill Your Idols, All Out War, Bane, Converge.

Question: Is there anywhere you would like to tour that you have not gotten the chance to yet?

Reach The Sky: Japan and Australia.

Question: How did you all meet?

Reach The Sky: I met Chris when we started the band. I knew Brendan and Bob from earlier bands.

Question: Where do you like to tour?

Reach The Sky: Anywhere they will let us play.

Question: What do you think the Warped Tour and other large tours do for up and coming bands?

Reach The Sky: Expose them to new crowds, ones that normally won't ever bother to check you out, but do like your music.

Question: Explain the process that you went through in recording your newest album? Do you put music to lyrics, or lyrics to music?

Reach The Sky: The songs are written over time and the lyrics come after that. Mostly the lyrics are fit to the music, but sometimes we change the song to fit the lyrics.