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Sum 41 Interview

I recently had a phone interview with Derek of Sum 41 about the warped tour and touring for their new album.I also have a greeting from Cone of Sum 41 if you want to hear it, go HERE

Sum 41 Interview

Question: What do you think of Napster?

Derek: I think it's great.

Q: How was the Bosstones tour?

Derek: It was great. These guys are awesome. I think it sold out almost every time.

Question: What was it like being the starring new band on the warped tour?

Derek: It was awesome. There are so many great bands on that tour that you get to go with.

Question: What is your favorite place to play?

Derek:Pomona, Ca.

Question: Whats the most unusual thing that has happened at a concert?

Derek:Nothing really weird happens. But once in a while someone throws a training bra at Cone. That's pretty weird.

Question: Where would you like to play an upcoming show?