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The Kicks Interview

Check out the band's new album and expect to see more tour dates soon.

The Kicks Interview

Nowadays there is a band called the French Kicks and The Hong Kong. How do you try to stand out?

We just do what we do and just let it happen. That's pretty much it. We don't really aim for anything. We just do what we do. We try to go on and put on a good rock show when we are out on tour.

You played a show with motley crue. How did that come about?

They were playing in Little Rock and the local radio station had a battle of the bands. There were all these metal bands that were trying to open. We said, 'For shits and giggles, lets just go play the battle of the bands and see.' I'd been a Motley Crue fan for a long time (the old stuff). I [scott] just thought it would be cool to do the show and we actually won. We got to open. All the other metal bands were pissed. You can't hardly do anything these days without making someone pissed, especially a battle of the bands. Everyone who doesn't win thinks its rigged. It was the original lineup. It was easily six or seven years ago.

What kind of vibe was there working in Smart Studios in Madison?

It was definitely the biggest [name] studio I had been into to record. It was like a museum. It had all the 2 inch tapes from U2 and Nine Inch Nails in the basement. There was any amp you wanted to play. It was awesome. Platinum records all over the walls.

What music have you been listening to lately?

The Blond Redhead record, Franz Ferdinand. I also listen to my friends bands back in Little Rock. Josh always gets mad any time I am driving; "we're not listening to this again are we?' I [Scott] have a set few records I like to listen to. It varies though. Most of them were recorded in the 80's.

As a fan of the Pixies, what is your opinion of the new tour?

I want to see it. I heard it was awesome. He [Josh] tried to win tickets on the radio station. I [Josh] heard that they were doing that and I had to call. Hopefully we're home. I've seen Frank Black, but I want to see him with the Pixies.

How did your association with TVT Records come about?

That's a tough one. I think they heard about us and someone slipped them a record. It was a surprise. It is hard to find a label that will do something with a band from Little Rock.

How did the title for the album come about? [It is called "Hello Hong Kong"]

It's just what we want to say [laughter]. There is nothing behind it. That was one of the three choices. It was kind of an easy thing.

How did the recording process go for this album?

[The material] was ready to go. A few things were changed. We were prepared.

Any future plans after this tour [w/ Sloan]?

Hopefully not to stay in Little Rock very long. We want to get back out on tour. We are working on some stuff for July. We really need to be out there promoting this record. We just want to stay on tour. Build up our following. We're happy at home, but we're really happy on tour. It's not super fun all the time, but it's definitely what I've wanted to do for a long time as a profession. I [Scott would rather do this than do roofing.

What do you guys do on the side?

We worked on our houses. Scott does construction. Unfortunately that's what my [Josh] house needed.

Has coming from Little Rock affected your music?

I think it has effected the music a bit. We're pretty humbled. We are not a bunch of assholes. You have to be humble to be from there because it is such a small place. It doesn't matter how popular you are in the rest of the country.