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Unwritten Law Interview

While racing across the country for radio festivals, I was able to sit down and interview Wade of UL at the May Q101 Chicago Jamboree.

Unwritten Law Interview

What can you tell us about the MTV Music in High Places special you are doing this summer?

Wade: We know very little as to what we are going to be doing besides that we are going to go to Yellowstone. I was looking at some of the other ones like Sugar Ray and the Deftones to determine what we would do. For us acoustic is kind of a different thing. I know we are going to be doing some outdoors type of stuff and find a cool place to do it. We were talking about getting some Native American percussionists to come in and just try to get a vibe going. We are trying to plan it now so we can incorporate that sort of thing into our stuff.

What was headlining your own tour after the opening slot for Sum 41 like?

Wade: It was awesome. For us, the Sum show was really good; it was a way for us to get back into the touring sort of thing. It is just more rewarding that we get to finish the shows.

How is "Elva" different from past albums?

Wade: In sales, we've already sold as many albums as we have in the past three years. We are really happy. It's been really good for us. It is going to give us a platform to go on and continue to tour.

How do you compile a set list?

Wade: We want to try and mix it up. We have four albums and we are trying to take a chunk from each.

Do you have any future tour plans after this?

Wade: We are going to tour Europe in July. At the end of the summer we will probably take off around the country again. We are tentatively planning for August.

What is "Teenage Suicide" about?

Wade: Scott wrote the song. It's an anti-suicide song about somebody in angst trying to reach out.

What was the first concert you went to?

Wade: The first concert I ever saw was a band called Asia. One of the guys was in Yes. This was like 1982.

Do you have any extra or new material right now?

Wade: When we cut "Elva" we had 30 or so demo' songs.

Since you have all the extra material, do you foresee another album for that extra material?

Wade: I don't know if we would release it or just put it out on the next album. We will probably still work it and consider everything. Towards the end of this year, we will seriously consider doing another album and tentatively decide when. We like to demo songs a few times to work out kinks. Once you record something for the fourth time, you have it down in a way.

What are your touring plans right now?

Wade: through June we are doing radio shows and then we are going to Europe. We’re playing shows with The Vandals, different shows with different bands. We are doing some shows with No Doubt. That will take us through August and then we will hopefully come back around the states in September. Right now that’s the plan.

Do you try to incorporate new and different things to your set?

Wade: We just have friends that we have met along the way. It’s good to see them (Mest). We’re glad they come out to support us. It was cool to see them again, we spent some time with them on the road.

What was the first show you played like?

Wade: Way back in a band called Puzzlebox. I was like 18-20 years old.

What are some of the other bands you have had a great experience touring with?

Wade: Bad Religion. No Doubt. We’ve toured with some amazing bands. Almost every band we have played with.

Wade (to all): Thanks for listening to the album. Thanks to everyone that listens to us and has been there for us.